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3D bag , Tissue Box Case


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 We were exhibited at “KYOTO REVELATIONS” in Paris in June!
 Date /  The 20th of June 2018,  Location/ Les Salons Hoche Paris

               HP/ https://kyo.or.jp/kyoto-revelations/portfolio_page/ys-planning-co-ltd/

      official   facebook / https://www.facebook.com/kyotorevelations/ 


≪3D dyeing≫

-authentic hand dyed fabric -

Natural shading and smudges created by a dyeing craftsman on our uneven fabric, creating 3-dimensional characteristics

Can be reversible, one side with shiny luxurious feel and the other side with matte chic feel. Very versatile.


Expressing the deep blue of the sky and the ridge right after the sunset in Kyoto, surrounded by majestic mountains.



Softer black color with random rough surface and water creating organic smudges.This item expresses how time flows softly in Japan in harmonisation with the nature.

Function; Machine washable and reversible



Can be used for; 


 cushion covers



 small bags/clutches etc


※Distributor : La Maison Wa

    We keep the samples of Fabric "3D dyeing" at the shop below

     Adress/ 8 Rue Villedo, 75001 Paris

             TEL   / +33 (0) 1 40 26 66 70

      HP   /  http://maisonwa.com/

        Open Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-20:00, Sunday Closed

         Access      : Metro Pyramides(M7,14),Quatre septembre(M3)


Hand drawn dying colour to express ever lasting sky with elegant movement, patterns that fit to those who wear comfortably


※We also sell fabrics and goods. Please feel free to contact us.

≪3D bag≫

Japanese traditional origami-like YS original bag, expressing rivers, mountains and pine trees. 

Well designed and functional item with lots of color options


Functions: can be folded easily / light / machine washable / wrinkle-free




※We also sell fabrics and goods. Please feel free to contact us.

About US

We have been thriving to create and manufacture innovative and new pleats with our long experience and techniques through our parent company Sankyo CO.,LTD, which manufactures pleating machineries and pleating. 

We have also developing new colours and forms to express subtle impressions that the world has not yet seen with collaboration work with hand dying process (Yu-ku-some) to create one and only art piece. 

Name   YS Planning CO.,LTD     
Address  10-6 Tsutsumisoto-cho Nishikyogoku Ukyo-ku kyoto 615-0854 JAPAN
Established  July 20 1988
Director  Yuko Shimizu
Business  Product planning,development,manufacture and sale of pleated items for interior, fashion  and other various industries

 ys.pleating@gmail.com(English respond)



10-6 Tsutsumisoto-cho Nishikyogoku Ukyo-ku

  Kyoto 615-0854



TEL   +81-75-322-5260

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